Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom vie to become Britain’s next prime minister | The Economist

Conservative Party (UK)

Conservative Party (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this excellent article, The Economist cautions that Mrs May has the edge, but do not count out her rival yet.

Source: Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom vie to become Britain’s next prime minister | The Economist

Whilst the Economist articles touches many of the decision points for the  Conservative Party membership, there are a few observations that I would make.

Firstly, the Conservative Party membership historically have been very independent. Much will depend upon whether Brexit will trump all other areas (pardon pun!). If passion for Brexit prevails, then Leadsom has the advantage. However, if the membership take a wider view on what is best for the UK, then May has the advantage. Clearly, this point will not be lost on the candidates who will pitch their campaigns accordingly.

Secondly, Leadsom is high risk and financial markets could well react adversely to her winning.

Thirdly, Leadsom is less likely to unite the UK – the next election could polarize both the Conservative and Labour Parties to both the far-right and far-left accordingly, in an epic battle between Leadsom Vs. Corbyn (or his anointed successor).

So the Conservative Party membership need to also focus on which candidate has the best chance of winning the next general election?

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  1. Dr Alf makes interesting points but May is not a unifying figure because she is cold and her actual record is not a good one in that all forms of migration have gone up on her watch,the Home Office cited by 4 former Home Secretaries as not being fit for purpose is still not fit for purpose,the police remain ineffective and structurally unreformed and Mrs May has upset the Chinese Government.
    On top of that she is a full blown diabetic who is going to have to deal with formidable and very fit people like Vladimir Putin and the energetic Xi Jin Ping of China.
    She is a “steady as she goes” person without reforming zeal,streetfighting capability or the vision to see beyond “business as usual”.
    Probably we will get her as Prime Minister and perhaps Leadsom in a role where she will have to grow very fast.
    Both will have to up their game and at the other end of the spectrum we need proper opposition not the machinations of the Corbynistas.

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