Andrea Leadsom is a revolutionary, but she has no vision for the future | Kate Maltby | Opinion | The Guardian

This is an excellent article from the Guardian. It argues that the left may regret the failure of Michael Gove in the Tory leadership race if Leadsom’s blinkered brand of nativist Conservatism succeeds.

Source: Andrea Leadsom is a revolutionary, but she has no vision for the future | Kate Maltby | Opinion | The Guardian

Leadsom’s been an avid blogger for some years and we can expect the media to put her thoughts under the political microscope in the weeks ahead.


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  1. This Guardian article from Dr Alf makes strong points but what it says about Leadsom can be said about May,Corbyn,Farron and the soon to be departed Cameron.
    Indeed ,if I look back hardly anyone other than Margaret Thatcher or Blair had any vision at all.
    Vision is something very few people in Great Britain have which is why the public gravitate like bees to honey to people who can make them laugh,people who are not too serious and people who tell them what they want to hear.
    This time round ,because of dissatisfaction with falling living standards ,overpopulation and non delivery,people rebelled but whether they and the boss class are ready for what needs to be said to them both is questionable.
    Michael Gove might have said it to them but by behaving like a latter day Brutus to the cunning Boris,made sure that no-one ever trusted him again.
    The entire political system and the media,especially the Guardian and the tabloid red tops are geared towards soundbites and headlines deliberately stripped of vision and it will always be that way as long as the most powerful people in the country remain in the mindset they have held for the past 90 plus years.

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