Theresa May on brink of becoming next UK prime minister —

The FT reports that Andrea Leadsom has pulled out of the race to become next Conservative Party leader. The only question now is how quickly Theresa May can take over as PM. The Pound is already rising…

Source: Theresa May on brink of becoming next UK prime minister —

According to this morning’s Guardian, Leadsom was reduced to tears with the hard-hitting articleS from the right-wing UK media, all questioning her judgement.

Clearly, Leadsom has done the right thing for both the country and herself. PM of the UK in time of national crisis takes exceptional qualities. Theresa May has made some mistakes in her six years at the Home Office but she’s a very capable leader.

Now all the Brexit leaders have fallen, including Johnson, Gove, Farage and lastly Leadsom. The other casualty is David Cameron.

For me, populism has been tried and failed the UK badly. The simplistic yes/no decision was the biggest error of judgment by a UK PM in modern times. Cameron has already caused immense damage to the UK’s economic and political standing. Populism is not the same as democracy. Democracy refers to parliamentary democracy – each political party puts up their manifesto and the people vote – this is how it was and needs to be again.

Had Leadsom continued with her campaign, she would soon have been a hostage to shadowy figures with far-right views. The country would have become a battleground between the far-right and the far left (as described by Tony Blair in his NYT op-ed)>

I look forward to reading about Theresa May’s first government, no doubt designed to unite both party and country, plus deal properly with European allies.

As some stability returns to the Conservative Party, all focus will now switch to Angela Eagle’s campaign for the leadership of the Labour Party. The shadowy powers of the far-left need to now be put back in the genie bottle.


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  1. Dr Alf is right up to a point and Mrs May will soon be in charge and needs to be in both listening and doing mode.

    There can be no more business as usual and there can be no backsliding on the assurances made by Mrs May in her excellent speech today.

    That means hard nosed and competent negotiation ,a solution to the passporting issue for the City(I like the idea of an ALMO nearshoring solution),which means no Sir Humphrey’s selling our birthright over “excellent dinners” and even more excellent wine.

    The “sheep” as they like to call us have spoken very loudly and with a much bigger voice than the probably gerrymandered 52% figure that was given and if there is backsliding or trimming or mental equivocation of any kind Mrs May will have her feet firmly held to the fire.

    The Labour Party is due for internicine strife and frankly Angela Eagle with her plaintive voice and pained appearance is not my idea of what an electable Prime Minister looks like any more than our very own Dave Spart(Jeremy Corbyn).
    Someone with greater appeal would have been Alan Johnson or David Miliband or even Umana if he would for once answer questions.

    I suspect Leadsom was put on the back foot by her tax affairs which have already been widely reported in Private Eye so for her a speedy withdrawal was prudent strategy.

    Cameron,Osborne and their ilk need to move on and we need to see fresh blood in the form of “Thrusters”(People who can get things done despite obstacles) as opposed to business as usual people.

    Proposals for Constitutional reform of the type reported on with a Federal structure are wholly unsatisfactory in that they give more power to the Celtic fringe,remove powers from England but does nothing to address the fact that under the Barnett Formula,London,SE England and East Anglia are bankrolling the rest of the country.

    Abolishing the Lords and replacing it with a slimmer Senate and reducing overall MP numbers to 200 whilst getting rid of hangers on and dead wood in the Monarchy is long overdue.

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