Who will be in Theresa May’s cabinet? | Politics | The Guardian

In this excellent article the Guardian reports that the new PM’s first job when taking office will be to appoint a team of ministers that can unite the Tory party and the country. This fascinating article takes us through the important roles and possible candidates.

Source: Who will be in Theresa May’s cabinet? | Politics | The Guardian

In terms of ministries, it will be important to see if renegotiating with the EU is part of the Foreign Office or perhaps even the Treasury or will it be given extra focus as a separate ministry? A big beast is needed to lead the exit negotiations and he/she needs to be a Brexiteer. I would like to see David Davis in this role.

Watch the big ministries too, namely the Treasury, Foreign Office and the Home Office. One possibility is Phil Hammond and George Osborne changing roles? Keeping Osborne at the Treasury seems a bit toxic. Or will Osborne leave the Cabinet and become a powerful backbencher?

Other things to watch include gender, age, Remain Vs. Brexit balance, left Vs. right of party and reward for loyalty.

For sure, both people in the UK and abroad are delighted that order will be restored following the Brexit referendum and its aftermath. Theresa May seems widely welcomed as a safe pair of hands able to unite both party and country, plus deal effectively with European allies.