Black Lives Matter is a global cause – The Washington Post

In this powerful article, the Washington Post reports that solidarity protests have sprung up all across the world.

Source: Black Lives Matter is a global cause – The Washington Post

The article reminds us of the crisis for black people in America. It pick up the growing support around the world.

Whilst I support, ‘Black lives matter’ and respect that this is a more relevant message than ‘All lives matter’, I worry about the international support. Will this be another cause for the extreme-left, like Jeremy Corbyn, for whom the end justifies the means?


Jean-Claude Juncker’s survival strategy – POLITICO

This is a good read from Politico. It’s suggests eight reasons why the embattled European Commission president isn’t going anywhere.

Source: Jean-Claude Juncker’s survival strategy – POLITICO

Juncker’s still a wily old fox, albeit a bit of a part-timer, with a liking for fine dining and the best wines, courtesy of the EU’s budget.