A look at David Davis, the UK’s Brexit minister

I have long been an admirer of David Davis. Personally, I hoped that he would be Conservative Party leader but he lost to David Cameron. For me, Davis is one of those Tories who had a real career before entering politics, unlike the privileged lives of David Cameron and George Osborne. Davis came from a very ordinary family and used education and hard work to find his way in life. Prior to politics, he spent many years working for Tate & Lyle, working his way up the ladder and has an MBA from Harvard.

It’s a new era, post Brexit referendum – Cameron resigned and yesterday George Osborne was apparently fired by the new PM, Theresa May.

Davis is a tough, no nonsense politician and a strong negotiator. He’s more right wing than Cameron and Osborne. And most importantly, he supported Brexit.

A few days ago, unaware that he would become cabinet minister in charge of Brexit, he published a blog setting out his views on Brexit. He argued that we need to shift towards a more export-led growth strategy, based on higher productivity employment.

Source: David Davis: Trade deals. Tax cuts. And taking time before triggering Article 50. A Brexit economic strategy for Britain | Conservative Home

Key points emphasized by Davis included:

  1. Taking back control of trade
  2. Cutting taxes and cutting red tape – but protecting workers.
  3. Single market access – and why we should take time before triggering Article 50.
  4. Brexit – The Big Picture


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