A Blogger’s Holiday


It’s time for me to shut up shop and stop blogging for the summer. I’ll still be active on Twitter, so you can find me there.

But for a few open questions for the summer, here are some thoughts:

  1. Will Boris Johnson confound his critics and be the last Brexit minister to stumble?
  2. After the Brexit ministers fail to secure the promised prizes will Brexit be kicked into the long grass?
  3. Will Jeremy Corbyn challenge to ‘red tories’ to go off and form their own party?
  4. How will the latest terrorist incident impact the French national election?
  5. Could we envision American police tactics in Europe, especially France?
  6. How will the failed military coup in Turkey impact the fight against terrorism?
  7. Will Europe’s deal on Syrian refugees survive the fallout from the failed military coup in Turkey?
  8. Is the S&P 500 about to peak?
  9. What will Theresa May actually chalk up as a success in her first ninety days, her honeymoon period?
  10.  How do we stop the mainstream media peddling ‘porkies’, like those that supported Brexit?
  11. Will the Brexit referendum hinder the growth of right-wing populism?
  12. Can the EU bureaucracy ever clean up effectively their shabby image?

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