Opinion – Black Lives Matter is a global cause – The Washington Post – John Gelmini

Like Dr Alf, I worry too because sometimes the actions of pressure groups like this act to make a bad situation worse.

Police forces have trigger happy people in them and closet racists just like all segments of society, but not to the extent that we have to throw our sense of proportion and rationality out of the window. Most policemen do not go around shooting black people nor any other people as a matter of course because if they did you would have a civil war with dead bodies everywhere and undertakers overwhelmed.

All extremist groupings whether they are “Black Power” movements, the Klu Klux Klan, Neo Nazi survivalists or “White Supremacists” must be allowed to exist within the boundaries of free speech but not in a way which causes alarm, despondency or civil unrest.

The “silent majority”(practically everyone else) needs to remain calm, go about its business and make it clear that they want laws upheld and people to go about their business and lives in a harmonious and tranquil fashion. Rogue policemen who shoot first and ask questions later need to be dismissed and charged and troublemakers and firebrands need to be removed from circulation with swift and firm action irrespective of who they are.

America and the UK are both very unequal countries in terms of income, job opportunities and longevity. Much of that is down to rewards for failure and the yawning gap between incomes at the top and those at the bottom.

These are issues which must be addressed and dinosaur attitudes have to be corrected by training in the case of policemen and by hard-hitting commercials in the case of the public.

People have to see some real progress being made in these areas, not levelling down but more shareholder activism to stop people giving themselves super “fat cat” pay awards for doing nothing and more balance–“Anything goes “, “Because I can” and “i’m worth it” are symptomatic of a malaise which has created a polarised society worthy of the excesses of Ancient Rome.

John Gelmini

Opinion – George Osborne’s austerity choked off the recovery: Brexit is his legacy | Aditya Chakrabortty | Opinion | The Guardian

This highly critical article in the Guardian suggests that the former chancellor’s reputation lies in tatters after six years of punishing the poor and rewarding the rich, claiming that this all prompted the referendum revolt.

Source: George Osborne’s austerity choked off the recovery: Brexit is his legacy | Aditya Chakrabortty | Opinion | The Guardian

Whilst, the cards collapsed for George Osborne, just like David Cameron, this article misses a number of points. I think that it’s too biassed but the conclusion is probably right.

Firstly, Labour left the national finances in a disaster and by hook or by crook Osborne improved matters. My colleague John Gelmini and I have repeatedly said that Osborne was never ruthless enough with the public sector. Also he let austerity last far too long.

Secondly, Osborne never had a cohesive strategy to improve the effectiveness of both the public and private sectors. He never really focussed on investment nor the massive improvements required to national skills and education compared to international benchmarks.

Thirdly, Osborne was a political leader first and financial minister second. He never addressed the weakness of the banking sector and created a property boom with government guarantees to win public confidence for the election.

In short, Osborne was too much smoke and mirrors. Like David Cameron, he gambled and lost.