Trump and the Truth: The Unemployment-Rate Hoax – The New Yorker


The New Yorker

The New Yorker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The New Yorker alarmingly reports that a few of Trump’s claims about the labor force might generously be considered gross exaggerations, but the numbers he cites appear to be wholesale inventions.

Source: Trump and the Truth: The Unemployment-Rate Hoax – The New Yorker

How is it possible that the US democracy has been hijacked and that voters are being given blatantly false data?


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  1. Dr Alf asks important questions about US Democracy and the bogus employment data that the New Yorker and Donald Trump have exposed.

    For some 30 years the UK has pioneered bogus data on immigration which the Home Office has engaged in since the late Enoch Powell exposed it forensically and was subsequently sacked for his trouble following his “Rivers of Blood” speech. We publish bogus data on employment, unemployment, NEETS, job prospects, Government expenditure, trade, exports, Armed Forces recruitment, military strength, crime, healthcare outcomes, money laundering, drug addiction, executive pay, educational attainment and productivity.

    America has learnt many of our bad habits in this regard and Donald Trump has through the evidence of his own eyes and his business dealings seen through the bogus American employment data that Obama and his predecessors have been sanctioning. Too much work has been outsourced and offshored or automated out of existence for the employment figures to be accurate.

    Many unemployed people are simply not counted when their benefits run out or if they give up and retire early.

    We call such people “economically discouraged” but the Americans do not count them at all.

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