One in five bosses is a psychopath, research reveals – Sydney Morning Herald

The image illustrates some theory of famous ps...

The image illustrates some theory of famous psychologist Melanie Klein, advanced by John Steiner (1979). The theory is about how Borderline Personality Disorder develops and how it interacts with other disorders. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This unusual article from the SMH is worth a read. Citing new research, it claims that you are just as likely to come up against a psychopathic boss in your office as you are in the prison population.

Source: One in five bosses is a psychopath, research reveals

I don’t know about you but in my long career I came across a number of people with severe personality disorders.

The article cites corporations more interested in qualifications than personality.

Have you met a psychopath at work?


One response

  1. Like Dr Alf I have come across many strange personalities in corporate life and in the public sector ranging from paternalistic and benign to cunning and Machiavellian with the odd psychopath and sociopath thrown in.
    The predominant type seems to have been people who underestimate difficulties ,fail to consider practicalities and who overestimate their ability to be right even though circumstances change faster than their experience can match and Black Swans now account for 50% of everything that happens in the world.
    Rewards for not delivering optimised shareholder value,a failure by the UK courts not to jail errant executives when some of them have acted with recklessness and capriciousness in pursuit of bonuses to the point where greed has overtaken all reason and sense of right and wrong have led to “omnipotence syndrome”.
    This is where these executives attribute “Godlike powers” to themselves and become oblivious to risk.
    Shareholders need greater powers to curb such megalomania and non executive directors need to hold such directors to closer account.

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