New York Attorney General Conducting ‘Inquiry’ Into Trump Foundation | Huffington Post

In this hard-hitting article, Huffington Post alleges that the Trump Foundation uses money from other people to finance Trump’s high-profile charity giving. Now we are told that the New York Attorney General is conducting an ‘inquiry’ into the Trump Foundation.

Source: New York Attorney General Conducting ‘Inquiry’ Into Trump Foundation | Huffington Post

US voters, already tired of this campaign, will see this a a political action designed to deflect attention from the Clinton Foundation.


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  1. Dr Alf has hit the nail on the head,the Clinton Foundation is shrouded in murkiness and questionable activities,Trump is no saint it is true.
    This action to investigate his foundation is designed to create doubts about him prior to the upcoming debate and to ensure that attention is diverted from the question of Hillary Clinton’s health and fitness. Should Donald Trump manage to close the polling gap between himself and Mrs Clinton the computerised voting machines will be reprogrammed as they were in 2008 when Al Gore “won” the election but George W Bush became the President. This was done by excluding the votes of poor blacks in rural areas of Florida,some poor whites and by disqualifying voters who had registered too late. Barring the death or mental incapacity of Mrs Clinton she will win the Presidency and Donald Trump will get his media empire.

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