What kind of filthy neoliberal red Tory centrist are you? – The Independent

Generic multi-axis political spectrum chart.

Generic multi-axis political spectrum chart. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

European Political Spectrum

European Political Spectrum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Check out how you rate politically with this interactive survey in the Independent. The article suggests for all that the term are bandied about as an insult on social media these days, there are a lot of centrists in the UK.

Source: What kind of filthy neoliberal red Tory centrist are you?

As a one nation conservative, with defined political views, I tried this interactive survey and it described me as follows:

Open capitalist economy, pro-immigration, pro-single market, supportive of a low tax economy. Business friendly, internationalist, compassionate view of society.’

What about you?

Please take the survey and share whether it fits.

Opinion – David Cameron’s inglorious legacy – in 11 charts – the Independent – John Gelmini

Dr Alf is correct, we need leaders who can actually deliver things and deliver them on time and we need leaders who are capable of removing roadblocks to progress.

David Cameron was never in that category because wealth, connections and marriage into one of the wealthiest families in the world, the Astors, made him soft and completely oblivious to the needs and aspirations of ordinary people.

He was always trying to pretend that he had delivered when he hadn’t and worse than that he thought that people were so dense that he could by dint of fine words he could convince them that black was white.

In an internet age that is a dangerous strategy because it is now easier than ever to look at a timeline of promises and compare what has and has not been done.

Politicians the world over have to learn this lesson or find themselves on the wrong end of objective judgement, business people at CEO level and C suite level also have to learn this lesson as do public sector apparatchiks in the NHS and local authorities.

David Cameron didn’t learn this but will move on to earn vast sums of money because of his connections in the Bilderberg movement, the Club of Rome and by default similar bodies in America.

John Gelmini