Opinion – Americans wary of potential of longer life through technology | Pew Research Center -John Gelmini

I suspect that what puzzles Dr Alf in the face of overwhelming evidence of the potential for longevity has a simpler explanation.

Most Americans die penniless and have few savings and health insurance typically ending by age 74, thus longer life cannot be financed or enjoyed except by those who have substantial pensions, private wealth or businesses.

Even then an accident or life threatening condition can mean crippling medical bills making life unbearable and unaffordable in the US.

The UK with the NHS encourages irresponsibility and fecklessness, particularly by pensioners, nightclubbers and recreational drug users and ignorance about cooking, diet, exercise and lifestyle encouragING people to not consider consequences of actions.

When the NHS implodes financially the penny will drop as it already has for Americans.

John Gelmini

Opinion – Jamie Oliver says PM’s obesity strategy has let down every UK child | Society | The Guardian – John Gelmini

I have to agree with Dr Alf and Jamie Oliver, Mrs May’s decisions on obesity are a disgrace and score four not three own goals.

She claims to want to help ordinary people and employers are clear in their prejudice against overweight employees which is why they prefer thinner, more productive foreign workers, with better attitudes and educations than typically our own workers, often lazy, overweight and unproductive. Caving in to the food lobby is short sighted and will condemn these youngsters to the dole and lumber the taxpayer for years to come.

Mrs May is supposedly a “Parson’s daughter” committed to public service. Judeo Christian ethics does not promote gluttony as a virtue nor laziness.

She needs to be guided by the “Good Book” not by Tory Party donors in the sugar and fast food industry and in the brewing lobby.

John Gelmini