Opinion – Britain’s one-party state | Lead – The Economist

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an interesting lead from the Economist. It argues that Labour’s implosion leaves Britain without a functioning opposition and that, it warns, is more dangerous than many realise.

Source: Britain’s one-party state | The Economist

The Labour Party has been hijacked by the far-left for whom evidence and truth is subordinated and the end justifies the means. Because of his weak campaigning, Jeremy Corbyn swung the Brexit vote. With a weak Labour Party, the UK is lurching towards a hard Brexit where immigration controls are given greater priority than European trade.

Corbyn is  a disaster in the opinion polls and UK voters detest the policies of the far-left.

The Economist concludes that the UK will soon be a one-party state, weakening parliamentary democracy.

May the real Labour Party RIP.


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