George Osborne to chair Northern Powerhouse Partnership | Politics | The Guardian

Here’s a good read from Heather Stewart, political editor at the Guardian. She reports that former chancellor, George Osborne, could lobby old department on behalf of new government-backed body that will press for devolution.

Source: George Osborne to chair Northern Powerhouse Partnership | Politics | The Guardian

Although I was not a fan of Osborne as Chancellor, I respect his immense drive, energy and political acumen. He is also still young. If Osborne furthers the Northern Powerhouse, he could widen his political appeal and possibly even become a conviction politician.

With Labour in the wilderness because of Corbyn, Osborne has the whole of middle England to play for. If Osborne can turn the fortunes of Northern England, he’ll become a popular hero.


Opinion – Britain’s one-party state | Lead – The Economist

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an interesting lead from the Economist. It argues that Labour’s implosion leaves Britain without a functioning opposition and that, it warns, is more dangerous than many realise.

Source: Britain’s one-party state | The Economist

The Labour Party has been hijacked by the far-left for whom evidence and truth is subordinated and the end justifies the means. Because of his weak campaigning, Jeremy Corbyn swung the Brexit vote. With a weak Labour Party, the UK is lurching towards a hard Brexit where immigration controls are given greater priority than European trade.

Corbyn is  a disaster in the opinion polls and UK voters detest the policies of the far-left.

The Economist concludes that the UK will soon be a one-party state, weakening parliamentary democracy.

May the real Labour Party RIP.