Opinion – Corbyn to give members power to choose shadow team and policies | Politics | The Guardian

The Guardian reports plans for next stage of dramatic Labour revamp are unveiled ahead of next week’s leadership contest vote.

Source: Corbyn to give members power to choose shadow team and policies | Politics | The Guardian

It seems that Corbyn wants to let members decide on the Shadow Cabinet and key policies.

On the surface, this is designed to be more democratic but the reality is that it’s less democratic. The UK has a parliamentary democracy and elegible voters elect MPs in accordance with party manifestos. MPs are elected to consider the interests of all the people not just some of the people. Also there’s a technical challenge being an MP with enormous reading of diverse materials and analysis. The idea that a digital survey of members could replace the expertise of MPs is a nonsense and a hypocrisy.

For me, Corbyn’s Labour Party both deserves and needs to be dismembered. Democracy is about representing all the people fairly not the chosen few.


One response

  1. The Labour Party is now controlled by Momentum, a hard left grouping of Trotskyites, Marxists, Leninists and assorted extremists and by a man, Jeremy Corbyn whose views do not remotely reflect those of the general public who are conservatives with a small c.

    As Dr Alf knows this ragbag of people will never form a Government so in the end a new centre left grouping will have to emerge.

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