Opinion – Labour leadership: Corbyn consolidates power over party – Op Ed – Laura Kuenssberg – BBC News

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I fundamentally disagree with the overtly biased position of nce more with feeling, Jeremy Corbyn and his legions of activists can claim that today, having won for the second time and extended their grip on the Labour Party.

Source: Labour leadership: Corbyn consolidates power over party – BBC News

Of course the evidence is very different. The Labour Party has been hijacked by the Hard Left. Parliamentary democracy has been subordinated in Corbyn’s Labour Party. Most importantly Labour voters in the last election now can look to their MPs being marginalized and possibly worse. It’s a disgrace.


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  1. Dr Alf is right,the Labour Party is now “Momentum” an entryist party representing another wing of the Socialist Workers Party but to the BBC and their left wing reporters,Jeremy Corbyn is seen as the passport to an old style unaccountable BBC able to get massive licence fee payments and thus push up salaries for BBC reporters and presenters in perpetuity.
    It will eventually cause the birth of a new centre right political party and the old Labour Party will be consigned to the scrap heap where it now belongs.
    The BBC needs to be privatised and made subscription only and in that way we can see a clearout of useless reporters,presenters and the long overdue replacement of an organisation which is no longer fit for purpo

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