Opinion – Theresa May hugely popular among voters, who see her as in touch with ‘ordinary people’, poll finds | The Independent -John Gelmini

This is an interesting post from Dr Alf about Theresa May and probably the “indescribably boring”(Private Eye’s name for the Independent),are right this time around.

Of course political honeymoon periods have a short shelf life and once Mrs May starts to axe winter fuel allowances, free bus passes and vacillates on immigration the “honeymoon and understanding of the concerns of ordinary people” will come to an abrupt end.

Tackling executive pay, rewards for non performance, rewards for failure and the revolving door would extend that honeymoon but alienate the Corporate-ocracy who are already bristling at Dr Liam Fox’s accurate description of them as lazy, overly complacent golfers lacking the get up and go to sell things and pioneer export opportunities.

Tackling worker productivity, or lack of it, would take someone of Margaret Thatcher’s toughness and clarity of vision but so far I do not see that sort of Messianic political will and remain to be convinced in the spirit of the American State of Missouri “Show me”.

John Gelmini

Opinion – Labour under Jeremy Corbyn can’t provide a decent Opposition – so now it’s up to me | Tim Farron – The Independent – John Gelmini

Tim Farron might sound like an outstanding politician but that is because he is effectively competing with political pygmies and people who are very slow to grasp what the country needs to enable it to become effective, competitive and prosperous once more.

As Dr Alf knows, the current Labour Party full of Corbynistas and latter day “Dave Spart’s” are unelectable and unrepresentative of mainstream public opinion as well as being hopelessly out of date and infested with shrill harridans devoid of poise, femininity, dress sense or manners.

This latest piece via Dr Alf simply shows just how low we have sunk because Tim Farron is devoid of charisma, looks and sounds like a comprehensive school teacher I can remember from decades ago.

The idea that he and the Liberal Democrats, an assorted group of bearded Tofu eaters, environmentalists and ‘also- rans’, could form a Government with the likes of Liz Kendall and Chuka Umana and the weasel worded Owen Smith is laughable.

Certainly, the country needs an effective opposition but it will not be provided by Tim Farron, who lacks the presence or tough poise or knowledge to deal with people like Vladimir Putin, Xi Jin Ping, Hillary Clinton or, for the time being, Angela Merkel.

Somebody else needs to emerge and there needs to be a new opposition party led by somebody capable of dealing with world leaders, billionaires and inward investors as an equal.

Like the American groundhog, which hibernates until the Spring, that leader has yet to surface but when he or she does it will be obvious to everyone, Tim Farron is not that leader, simply a rather earnest little man who means well.

John Gelmini