Opinion – The Mystery of Trump’s Man in Moscow – POLITICO Magazine – John Gelmini

Hillary Clinton in Hampton, NH

Hillary Clinton in Hampton, NH (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Luckily for Dr Alf and those who worry about the possibility of a Trump Presidency none of this matters because Trump will not become President and this man with his exaggerated credentials will have nobody to advise.

Hillary Clinton will win, as was decided by the Council For Foreign Relations nearly 3 years ago an this long running pantomime called the American Election will end.

Donald Trump will become a media mogul, an American version of Berlesconi but without the shenanigans with impossibly young woman.

Hillary Clinton as she becomes President will have to take on board some of the people’s legitimate concerns barring another bout of ill health necessitating a replacement/elevation of the Vice President.

Vladimir Putin will remain in power barring assassination and we will have a rough balance of power as Russia and China develop new weapons to penetrate the missile shield plus more submarines operating in Western waters making World War 3 more difficult to start fight and win as the PNAC would like.

John Gelmini

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