Opinion – Boris Johnson says Britain will now help Turkey join EU despite using prospect to help win referendum


Boris-johnson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Telegraph reports that Boris Johnson has announced that Britain will support Turkey‘s bid to join the EU despite putting warnings about the prospect at the heart of the Brexit campaign in the run up to the referendum.

This is a fascinating article, demonstrating Boris Johnson’s capability of becoming a historic UK Foreign Minister. He has done an amazing about turn on Turkey strengthening UK/ Turkey ties at the expense of the Eurozone. We can expect  a strong reaction from Europe’s media and political classes. But Boris Johnson has demonstrated that he can play world class politics.




2 responses

  1. What this shows is that Boris Johnson, like the Foreign Office officials who were helping Turkey become an EU member long before the EU Referendum and have an office in that country to work from, is an opportunist and an unprincipled liar who will say or do anything to gain political advantage and further his own ambitions.

    Perhaps, this does qualify him to be a “great ” Foreign Secretary as Dr Alf suggests but we were told during the Referendum that fears about increased migration from that country were “unfounded” even though the Syrian /Turkish border is as porous as Swiss cheese and even as Turkey has been allegedly training ISIS fighters, offering them logistical support, nursing their injured fighters, smuggling oil and Captagon to finance ISIS and engaging in a laissez faire approach to heroin smuggling into the UK and Europe.

    Why we should want President Erdogan whose duplicitous approach hides ambitions as a quasi Sultan of a revived Ottoman Empire to join with the UK is beyond all reason and commonsense because he is a man who cannot be trusted.

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