Opinion – Jeremy Corbyn pledges ‘socialism for 21st century’ as he plans business tax hike and benefits free-for-all – Telegraph

I’m a little surprised as to why the right-wing Telegraph is so respectful of hard-left Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. It reports that Jeremy Corbyn has promised to deliver what he’s promised – moving from him from radical protester to power broker.

Source: Jeremy Corbyn pledges ‘socialism for 21st century’ as he plans business tax hike and benefits free-for-all

I sense that the Telegraph will mountain a prolonged campaign hightlighting the threats and fears of Corbyn in power – traditional right-wing voters will buy newspapers and press the Conservative government to get on with their agenda.

What’s different is that Corbyn is being taken seriously and that the Labour Party might just regain public credibility with its far-left credentials.


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  1. Dr Alf is right, Corbyn plans to borrow £500 billion GBP to pay for all of this, has no real plans to build the extra houses that are required other than letting councils which claim to be cash strapped, borrow more money and he is proposing to create a dole bludgers paradise.

    People, plus those too young to remember, forget that a similar set of plans ended up under a Labour Government going cap in hand to the IMF, being rebuffed and then Margaret Thatcher approaching the Sultan of Brunei who at her urging bailed the country out of bankruptcy.

    • John, thanks for your post which I broadly endorse. In my mind, it’s probably time to take Corbyn seriously and expose the risks of a hard-left UK government. Just imagine a far-left government elected just after the UK had exited the EU? It would probably be a replay of the ‘Labour Government going cap in hand to the IMF’.

      • Jeremy Corbyn’s suits are of better quality and his “Red Guards” in Momentum are growing in number and confidence.

        But Mrs May is not moving fast enough to deal with strikes in essential public services, productivity and executive pay.
        Her plodding and systematic approach is too slow to deal with these issues and a re-invigourated Corbyn will exploit each issue unless she legislates a lot quicker against McClusky and the junior doctors, who should have been fired a long time ago.

      • John, I think that you have captured the emerging clash. It won’t be at Question Time but with Corbyn leading striking public sector workers in protest. His shadow ministerial team is far too weak to challenge effectively the wording of leglislation.

        As for Mrs. May, I too worry about her simplistic decision-making style. There’s a need for a more dynamic, iterative model of decision-making perhaps fine tuned by focus groups if she prefers.

        For sure, there’s a big class looming this winter in the UK.

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