Freedom from Fascination: Representing Bipolar Disorder – Harvard Political Review

In this excellent analysis, the Harvard Political Review argues that despite recent improvement, both the media and entertainment industries have a ways to go in accurately portraying bipolar disorder (formerly called manic depression).

Source: Freedom from Fascination: Representing Bipolar Disorder – Harvard Political Review

This article should be read as part of a wider consideration of evidence or fact-based reporting in the mainstream media. Too often today, journalists, editors and newspapers owners start with a conclusion that favors their prejudiced views. Throw in the political dichotomy towards both the hard-left and the hard-right for whom the end justifies the means and we can see serious distortion of reality. Also in the political and historical context of prevailing liberal elites benefiting most since the financial crash of 2008, we have rising populism where ordinary people feel seriously wronged – some of the consequences are Brexit and Trump running for president of the US.

In the case of Bipolar Disorder, perhaps we need some archetypes that demonstrate to non-experts the alternative manifestations of this condition.



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