Opinion – Advantage Britain: ruling the education world post-Brexit | THE Comment -The Times Higher Education – John Gelmini

The UK’s state education system (ages 5 to 18), is 44th in the world overall and is about 30th for literacy and numeracy. 1 child in 4 cannot read, cannot write and cannot communicate; we have 1.5 million non job ready NEETS and we are not teaching languages, time management or a “can do ” attitude.

Our teachers in the UK are substandard and are unable to discipline unruly pupils and there are not enough male role models.

Given these problems, it is going to take a generation for the UK to even catch up so the article that Dr Alf has forensically pulled apart is nonsense and has little to do with BREXIT or any related subject.

John Gelmini

Hard Brexit could help secure trade deals worth double EU agreements, say Eurosceptics

The Telegraph, citing leading Eurosceptics, claims that Britain can secure trade deals worth twice the amount of those signed by the European Union if it adopts a more extreme form of Brexit.

Source: Hard Brexit could help secure trade deals worth double EU agreements, say Eurosceptics

Of course, there is zero evidence to substantiate this claim and we are asked to trust politicians who repeatedly lied in the Brexit campaign.

Finally, the Telegraph must offer its readers some balm to avert fears about the emerging risks of Brexit. The Telegraph has been strong on Brexit, with powerful headlines but sadly light on evidence.