Opinion – Care homes ban relatives who complain – BBC News

Worryingly, the BBC reports that hundreds of care homes are banning relatives from visiting elderly residents over complaints about quality of care.

Source: Care homes ban relatives who complain – BBC News

Sadly, this is just one of many distressing stories about the collapsing quality of care for the elderly in the UK.

Of course, austerity, botched reform and and an aging population are key factors in the appalling state of affairs.

Let me ask a simple open question:

How should Theresa May’s government reform care for the elderly in the UK?



One response

  1. The answer to Dr Alf’ question is ‘yes’ and Mrs May’s Government must do it by first merging Adult Social Care and the NHS within a new structure, modelled on German and Singaporean lines.

    Then malingers in GP surgeries need to be given their marching orders and the same needs to happen to pensioners abusing the NHS A & E departments when there is nothing wrong with them.

    If this is not done, there will be no NHS and local authorities responsible for Adult Social Care will implode financially, and no amount of financial engineering, delivered by younger versions of Dr Alf will be enough to save them.

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