Refugee crisis: European leaders blamed for record high deaths in the Mediterranean | The Independent

The Independent reports that Britain and other European nations are making the refugee crisis worse by forcing people fleeing conflict and persecution to undertake covert and treacherous journeys, citing new research. It highlights that the damning report by the Unravelling the Mediterranean Migration Crisis (Medmig) project concluded that the refusal to open up legal routes for those seeking safety in Europe has increased demand for people smuggling on ever more dangerous routes.

Source: Refugee crisis: European leaders blamed for record high deaths in the Mediterranean | The Independent

Although I voted for Remain, I sadly must conclude that the refugee crisis highlights why the EU is not workable at the political level. Of all the European leaders, I would highlight Angela Merkel for botched, naive and ill-considered actions on refugees and immigration.

This leads me to an open question:

If Angela Merkel had not botched the refugee crisis, do you think that the UK would still be looking at a Hard Brexit?


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  1. Dr Alf makes interesting points about the so called Refugee Crisis and the EU’s response.He also makes a point about the recent BREXIT vote and wonders whether the result might have been different with different handling of that Refugee Crisis.

    In the first place the problems in Syria came about because the West wanted to build an oil pipeline which President Assad refused to allow.

    That triggered to so called civil war,the injection of Western special forces,the actions of ISIS funded by Saudi Arabia,Qatar,Jordan and Kuwait and the training,support and resupply of the Syrian rebels by Turkey,UK and USA who have collectively decided to Balkanise Syria into 3 enclaves,replace President Assad and then move onto Iran.

    The invitation by President Assad to Russia to assist militarily to stop his country from being dismembered has meant increased fighting and more refugees.

    By encouraging the refugees to come Angela Merkel the most powerful woman in Europe has created an industrial sized people smuggling and identity theft business which is bring in economic migrants from 180 different countries.

    Her failure to do anything about the results of the maelstrom that she and stupid and complacent EU leaders have created has caused the present problem which the Gulf States and Turkey have further exploited for their own ends.

    BREXIT was going to happen anyway because the EU failed to deliver on its original promises,on the Greek financial crises and on jobs.

    They have said one thing and in secret done another and even the most stupid people instinctively know this to be the case.

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