Opinion – The Guardian view on President-Elect Donald Trump: a dark day for the world | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian

I recommend this Guardian editorial. It argues that this is a political and cultural cataclysm that few believed would really happen. The conclusion is that it’s a bleak day for America, and for the pluralism and diversity the country has come to stand for.

The Guardian view on President-Elect Donald Trump: a dark day for the world | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian

This liberal newspaper reflects on how Trump managed to win so convincingly and highlights possible winners and losers.

For me, the Guardian misses out on another important dimension, namely time. I suggest that there’s a need for longitudinal analysis over the Obama years.

Obama came to power with enormous promises, especially for black Americans. He inherented a broken financial system, following the financial crash of 2008, and unpopular wars in the fight against terrorism. His fine words often remained just scholarly – his eight years demonstrated a president who was ponderous and slow to action. He squandered his majority in Congress on the controversial Obamacare legislation. But eight years of Obama foreign policy is the most telling – Russia and China have gained geopolitical strength, piggybacking off Obama’s weakness. Traditional friends, like the UK, Israel and Saudi Arabia were abandoned. Obama’s weak foreign policy allowed Islamic power to gain strength.  Most importantly, those who voted for Obama felt abandoned as they reflected on his achievements for their families. And Clinton represented more Obama and importantly, she was flawed by privilege, wealth and open questions in the public’s minds.

Despite no political experience, Trump now has considerable political power. One is reminded that ‘the king is dead long live the king!’ The news is full of world leaders trying to befriend the next US president.

I hope that Trump picks a team for their experience and judgement not just their personal loyalty.