Drinking plenty of fluids when ill may do more harm than good – Medical News Today


This article published by Medical News Today is worth a read. A new case report about a woman with a UTI who became ill from high water intake raises questions about doctors’ advice to ‘drink plenty of fluids.’

Source: Drinking plenty of fluids when ill may do more harm than good – Medical News Today

I take exception with both the headline and the central argument. Statistically, it fundamentally erroneous to generalize based upon a sample of one or two.

The point that the article misses is that most people in advanced countries do not drink enough water and this causes unnecessary health issues.


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  1. I’m with Dr Alf here because the advice about plenty of fluids holds good and has held good for hundreds of years.
    Obviously the word “plenty” means as much as a human being of that size and physique can reasonably ingest at that moment in time so to try and drink more than a liter of water at a time might be too much.
    The Japanese knew this in World War 2 when they force fed POW’s with gallons of water until they burst.
    So it is a question of knowing how much water is enough and exercising commonsense.

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