Opinion – Brexit Britain turns against globalisation, blaming it for low UK wages and inequality poll reveals | The Independent – John Gelmini

English: This chart illustrates the process in...

English: This chart illustrates the process in order to localise products, such as softwares, websites or video games. The whole process is globalisation, but its two fundamental phases are the ones we see in the chart: internationalisation and localisation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf is right because low wages are a function of poor UK worker productivity and laziness plus a failure to embrace technology and skills brought about by UK firms failing to invest in skills and training on anything like the required scale.

Globalisation is a response to these factors and many people who wear inexpensive clothes and talk into smartphones are happy enough to let Chinese and other workers endure harsh working conditions, long hours and low pay but somehow expect higher wages for themselves, access to jobs or failing that the right to wear a “Onesie” whilst in a somnambulant state on a sofa watching Jeremy Kyle insult yet another malevolent benefit recipient on his show. Lower immigration and better border control means that British workers have “run out of road” and excuses and must raise their productivity whilst reducing weight and improving fitness.

They are in for a long overdue shock as are UK company directors who are in most cases not fit for purpose and greedy to boot.

John Gelmini

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