Does it matter how you lower your cholesterol? – Harvard Health

This is worth a read from Harvard Health. The article argues that certain cholesterol-lowering medications—namely, ezetimibe (Zetia) and drugs known as bile acid binders—also appear to be effective at lowering cholesterol and reducing the risk of serious cardiovascular events. It’s not clear whether they are proposed as alternatives to statins ot supplements..

Source: Does it matter how you lower your cholesterol? – Harvard Health

The mainstream scientific research community, along with public health practitioners strongly favor statins because of their proven effectiveness and most importantly, their low cost. Medical practitioners seem slow to recognize the serious side affects.

My problem with the medical establishment is that they seem to be too quick to offer statins after applying simplistic risk assessment formulas, ignoring wider patient data.

With more than 25% of Americans over forty taking statins, surely they have a right to know about the side affects of statins and consider the other options?


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  1. Dr Alf is right to be concerned about Statins and drug related methods of cholesterol reduction.
    A less sedentary lifestyle,diet,sensible intake of more nutritious food,little or no alchohol,beetroot juice to open the arteries should be the starting point along with smoking cessation ,vaping cessation and little or no red meat.
    If cholesterol levels are still too high after that then one should look at drugs and more extreme methods.

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