Opinion – New post-Brexit landscape could squeeze Labour out, warns new report | Politics | The Guardian

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this excellent article, the Guardian argues that the a new expert publication, the ‘UK in a Changing Europe‘ called the last six months the most tumultuous political period since the second world war.

Source: New post-Brexit landscape could squeeze Labour out, warns new report | Politics | The Guardian

I broadly agree with the article but Labour MPs have brought it upon themselves. They permitted the hard-left to instal Jeremy Corbyn and his cronies, ignoring the concerns and fears of traditional Labour voters. Worse still, many Labour MPs voted ‘Remain’ but they are now too weak with no political backbone to fight for their convictions and address the fears of the 48%.

Although I have been a ‘one-national conservative’ all my life, I have long admired the achievements of the Labour Party.

It’s like the Labour Party has an aggressive cancer. Unless the cancer can be removed by radical treatment, the prognosis is a slow and painful death.



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  1. Dr Alf and in this case the Guardian are right about the Labour Party in what will be a “Post Brexit Landscape” (We have not left the EU yet).

    Mrs May with her painfully slow methods of decision making has squandered the opportunity to make the running on a number of issues and as a result has wasted valuable political credit and has allowed too many own goals despite the uselessness of Corbyn’s Labour opposition.

    The court cases against Brexit and the drumbeat of attempts to overturn the Brexit referendum result were all unnecessary and could have been stopped on day 1 following the Referendum by triggering Article 50 straightaway and simultaneously moving to effect House of Lords abolition and reform into a 200 person Senate.
    Instead ,May functioned at a snails pace,allowing opposition to grow and allowing the BBC a free hand to misreport events by selling speculation and by taking the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon seriously.

    Both the Barnett Formula and the BBC licence fee need to be scrapped,the first over 5 years and the second at a stroke so that those who believe that the BBC is the “Best public service broadcaster in the world ” can pay subscriptions subsidised by advertising or can have commercials but no subscription if they are poor.

    Corbyn plus his friends in Momentum backed by other left wingers like Diane Abbot and the Unite Trades Union are determined to bring the Government down while May sits on her hands imagining her 3 Wise Monkeys stance will be popular in the country outside of the M25 /Surrey/Southern commuter belt.

    They may be right because May’s refusal to tackle executive pay ,rewards for failure and rewards for failing to deliver optimised shareholder value is manifestly unfair and unjustified and breeds an atmosphere whereby it is all but impossible for her to deal with the issue of flagging worker productivity.
    Executive pay dealt with first could then be matched by demands for greater worker productivity and new anti strike laws to cover essential public services.

    These should be introduced now under a state of extreme emergency and the Army via reservists,retired military personnel should be called up to drive Southern trains,drive buses to replace trains and undertake postal and tube driving duties until all tube trains can be fully automated using Japanese technology and Asimo robots as guards and platform staff.

    All striking personnel in these areas should be locked out and fired en masse in Ronald Reagan PATCO style and the franchise with Southern Rail switched to a different provider.

    UKIP will be popular in Labour heartland areas that have been economically castrated like Stoke on Trent but in London,East Anglia and the Home Counties they will never get anywhere because there is too much opportunity and wealth.
    New proposals to allow local authorities to administer moving traffic offences whilst not reforming local government or the police represent another own goal for May under which she is frittering away her political credit.

    That vacillation favours the Labour Party which is why untrustworthy and duplicitous politicians like Hilary Benn,Diane Abbot,Vernon Coaker,Owen Smith and others who disagree with Corbyn are prepared to let Momentum and Corbyn plus the trades unions do their dirty work only to disown them later once Mrs May has been replaced by the men in grey suits who have like me,already found her wanting.

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