Opinion – Travel addicts: where we’ve been and why we can’t stop – Lonely Planet


If you are seriously into travel, this article from Lonely Planet is a must-read. The Lonely Planet Team of professional travel addicts share where they’ve been and why they can’t stop.

Source: Travel addicts: where we’ve been and why we can’t stop – Lonely Planet

Marilyn and I completely relate to this article. We recognize that we’re travel addicts. Of course, there’s always a trade-off with any addiction. Like any addiction, travel must be funded and that often triggers serious lifetime choices.

We’re passionately independent travellers and relish in doing things our way, with the planning, research and background reading being an integral part of the experience. But nothing beats the on-the-ground experiences of interacting with local people and learning from them – not only empathizing with their way of life but afterwards we are richer and perhaps change a little ourselves. We’re cosmopolitan and proud of it.

Of course, this all very different from the tick-box travel of so many of our contemporaries. They choose cruises, package tours and travel agents. That’s not our way. Of course, we piggy-back off the expertise of experts like Lonely Planet and specialist travel agents who can help with complicated air routes.

The important dimension with travel is time. It takes serious time to immerse yourself and enjoy the subjective experience.

Are you addicted to travel?

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