Opinion – Theresa May’s criticism of John Kerry Israel speech sparks blunt US reply | Politics | The Guardian

The left-leaning Guardian reports that the US State department voiced surprise after UK PM’s spokesman says US secretary of state’s comments on settlements were ‘inappropriate’.

Source: Theresa May’s criticism of John Kerry Israel speech sparks blunt US reply | Politics | The Guardian

The Guardian cites the state department: “We are grateful for the strongly supportive statements in response to Secretary Kerry’s speech from across the world, including Germany, France, Canada, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and others.”

Well done Theresa May for highlighting the weakness in the Kerry statement and standing proud. She is also offering a friendly olive branch to the the incoming US administration of Donald Trump.

Historians should note that for eight years Obama has undermined the historical special relationship between the UK and the US. Obama knew best – pivot US foreign policy towards Asia and bring the US troops home, never mind the geopolitical consequences. The evidence is clear – Obama’s foreign policy, with ineffective foreign secretaries in Clinton and Kerry, has been a series of disasters. Is it surprising that terrorism has proliferated on Obama’s watch?

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  1. Dr Alf raises important points about the ineffectual Obama,the ineffectual Kerry and the beyond the pale Mrs Clinton.
    The issue of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land (Israel says it is theirs as a gift from the Almighty) is soluble given some imagination and goodwill.
    The Palestinians if driven off their lands entirely will have little incentive to live a normal life and will make more trouble through terrorism,possibly by joining groups like ISIS.
    Similarly,Israel has to have homes for its people but is geographically small and very narrow.
    So the problem is how to house everyone,provide a reasonable standard of living plus hope,to those that live there without triggering a wider Middle Eastern war.
    To solve it we have to be prepared to learn from others and learn about building methods,something that Donald Trump knows a lot about.
    Singapore is just 25 miles across and 25 miles wide yet it has solved its space problem by using 3 methods,building skyscrapers for people to live in,reclaiming land from the sea with the assistance of the Dutch and by encouraging students who wish to study subjects which are not deemed to be economically useful to study them abroad.
    Holland has virtually doubled its landmass by reclaiming land from the sea so here we have 2 examples of what can be done.
    Building upwards allows more people to live in the same land footprint thus reducing the need to take more land to build horizontally,building downwards by using systems building to create dwelling space underground and beam in sunlight via sun pipe allows the financially challenged/socially disadvantaged to be similarly housed.
    Land can be reclaimed from the sea and farming can be undertaken vertically to make even better use of space. Mitsubishi of Japan have come up with a system of special steel plates anchored to the sea bed which fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and allow roads and dwellings to be stacked on top in a latter day “Water World”.
    Coastlines can be recreated and sea defences to protect against tidal surges can be built as a look at the port of Rotterdam shows.
    So using space intelligently along with using solar and tidal power to generate energy is better than the current expedient of military occupation,terrorism ,death and destruction plus huge aid transfers from America to Israel which would then not be needed on such a grand scale.

  2. It’s a pity Mrs. May hasn’t checked to see the opinions of those she represents who may well have endorsed Secretary Kerry’s words in that although a friend to Israel, we recognise that there will be no lasting peace as long as they continue to steal land from the Palestinians.
    As fr as Trump goes, her olive branch is hopefully only tentative as most of us are horrified at Trump’s rhetoric and certainly by his choice of appointees which as far as climate change goes, flies in the face of popular opinion and in agreements reached with the current administration.

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