Vulnerable consumers in regulated industries – National Audit Office (NAO)

This is an recommended read from the UK’s National Audit Office. It suggests that regulators and government need to work together better to ensure that vulnerable consumers get the support they need.

Source: Vulnerable consumers in regulated industries – National Audit Office (NAO)

For me the scope of this article is understated. For example, what about regulation of the UK airports?

I have recently returned from the US and witnessed far higher levels of service and quality in US airports both on domestic and international flights. Take security as an example, in the US, technology permits scanning of hand-baggage without taking out laptops and toiletries. Why? Well there’s less inertia in the US and consumers are more assertive.

Also US airports are clean, functional and retail outlets offer both quality and value. Generally, customer facing staff are courteous and smiling. So why are things so different in the UK?

I question whether UK regulators are too close to commercial players, at the expense of both consumers and employees?


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  1. Dr Alf is right, regulators in the UK are not the sharpest needle in the pack and are unable to keep up with the machinations of product providers and companies that operate airports, trains and public transport.

    Secondly, they are lazy and complacent and in common with much of UK business are not truly familiar with the concept of customer service excellence. The public don’t really understand it either, unless they have lived and worked outside of this country and are not afflicted with the idea that the world owes them a living.

    Sadly, and this needs saying a lot more, many people in the UK, particularly certain types of pensioner and single woman who own pets are strangers to shower gel, soap or water, are untidy,disorganised and feckless. With that sort of attitude, it is hardly surprising that airports, public spaces, public transport, and our airports do not meet the more exacting standards that Dr Alf saw and I used to experience in America.

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