Opinion – Jeremy Corbyn faces mutiny within Labour as Ken Livingstone escapes expulsion over Hitler comments – the Telegraph – John Gelmini

As Dr Alf knows, it was always unlikely that ‘Red Ken’ would go, as long as Corbyn remained as Labour Leader, and as Corbyn is bolstered by Far-Left Momentum, he doesn’t feel any need to pander to the right-wing of the Labour party who themselves are in disarray.

That right-wing plus ‘Remainers’ in the Conservative Party will probably break away and form a new party called the Democrats which George Osborne would like to lead along with Starmer, Hilary Benn and possibly David Miliband.

Livingstone with his crumpled linen suit has always been a disgrace; years ago he pandered to the extreme left trades unionists; now he panders to Muslims because they represent a growing voting bloc whereas British Jewry represents a shrinking one.

Corbyn panders to the poor, dispossessed and the barmy, as he has always done and waits for the Conservative ‘Three Stooges’ and the dithering May to screw up the Brexit negotiations or to walk away empty-handed which they are in real danger of doing. His sponsors are not all “shadowy” either; they partially consist of people like Len McCluskey and the leaders of trades unions dealing with the Southern Rail dispute and simmering tensions in the Post Office. These could be dealt with by May and should have been fired Ronald Reagan style at the beginning of the tube strikes, Southern Rail dispute and earlier postal disruption, along with all the workers involved but because they haven’t they plus their leaders remain to support Corbyn who in turn does nothing about Livingstone since they need each other.

Nobody will force Livingstone to think differently, although I tend to think that his views on Zionism are coloured by what he thinks will play well with his bigger Islamic constituency based on Cricklewood and areas of London where older Irish voters have died off, Muslims have moved in and Jewish people not in Finchley, Edgware and Golders Green have decamped to leafy suburbs and places like Amersham, Beaconsfield and Lord Sugar country (Havering Atte Bower in Essex).

Hitler was of course never a “Zionist” as Livingstone asserts; he tried first to get the British who controlled Palestine to take them (the Jewish population) en mass, the British refused citing problems with Palestine. After that, it was a case of shooting them in trenches, then moving on to gassing them in lorries fitted with chambers to recycle exhaust gases to poison them. When that proved too slow a method of killing Jews the extermination camps were built all fed by trains pulling cattle cars and running on railway lines which Churchill and Roosevelt never chose to bomb throughout the history of World War II and for which no explanation has ever officially been given. Hitler himself did not die in the bunker, as we are taught at school in Britain but was flown to Spain and then to Argentina where he lived with Eva Braun his mistress, sired two children and died there on 13th April 1962. Stalin knew Hitler had escaped because the dental records of the bodies found in the bunker didn’t match those of Hitler or his mistress. The pilot that flew Hitler to Spain was interviewed by the writers of “Grey Wolf” and the large house where Hitler lived in Patagonia features in the book. He, Bormann and others were helped by the Vatican, the British and the Americans to escape to South America via Project Paperclip not because they were Zionists but because of their access to technologies that both countries wanted and their knowledge of how the war had started and who benefitted most from it.

All in all, a very sorry episode in a dark history which Livingstone deliberately chooses to muddy for his own political ends.

John Gelmini

Islam set to become world’s largest religion by 2075, study suggests | World news | The Guardian

Definition of Sub-Saharan Africa, according to...

Definition of Sub-Saharan Africa, according to the United Nations institutions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Guardian reports new data analysis from Pew Research that population with no religion will shrink while number of Muslims and Christians is expected to grow. But alarmingly, Islam is set to become world’s largest religion by 2075.

Source: Islam set to become world’s largest religion by 2075, study suggests | World news | The Guardian

It seems that the greatest explosion in Muslim births will come from Sub-Saharan Africa – with the relative poverty of this region, there will be increasing pressure for people to move to Europe. Unless EU policy on immigration is radically tightened, many European countries will have Islam as their largest religion. This is why Brexiteers won the day, despite the economic and political cost of Brexit. French, German and Italian voters in national elections will be swayed by fear of the growth of Islam and the loss of their indigenous cultures.