Britain’s new centrist pin-up is … a Frenchman – POLITICO

This is a fascinating read from Politico, exploring how UK Liberal Democrats and Tony Blair are looking for inspiration from the Continent.

Source: Britain’s new centrist pin-up is … a Frenchman – POLITICO

The new centrists must be heavily supported by social media to challenge the populists from the right and the left.

Personally, I have been a one-national conservative all my life but have little respect for Theresa May‘s Conservatives with their bold march to the right. By the time of the next election, it will be many more than the 48% who are disenchanted with the realities of Brexit. Similarly, it’s questionable whether traditional socialists will be attracted by a Labour Party hyjacked by the Far Left.

The critical question is who will be the UK’s Emmanuel Macron?


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