Opinion – On a whim and a prayer: Donald Trump’s foreign policy looks more normal than promised | The Economist – John Gelmini

Having read the Economist article which is fair and balanced I tend to agree with Dr Alf in that we cannot make too many hard and fast judgements about Donald Trump until we have allowed more time to pass.

Much of what he promised on the campaign trail he will not be able to deliver as those promises were unrealistic, especially the one about bringing all the jobs back and “stopping China from eating our lunch”.

His more vociferous supporters will be disappointed but can be partially appeased if Donald Trump is seen to try and create jobs at a time when automation is destroying more jobs than anyone could possibly create.

Foreign military adventurism will upset those of his supporters who wanted no more wars but the arms buildup that Donald Trump has triggered will create more jobs in shipbuilding, bomb making, rifle factories, garment factories making military uniforms and in naval shipyards, aircraft factories and in those industries making components.

Doing all that and balancing the budget via something like Glass Steagall is another matter but there is scope to cut corporation tax and increase exports and thus please enough of his supporters to be able to get essential measures passed.

John Gelmini

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