May convinces MPs that Brexit requires strong and ignorant leadership | John Crace | Politics | The Guardian

Here’s a recommended political sketch from John Crace in the Guardian. He observes that as the Commons prepared to vote on her call for a snap election, all the democratic dissent was getting on the PM’s nerves.

Source: May convinces MPs that Brexit requires strong and ignorant leadership | John Crace | Politics | The Guardian

May is the clear favorite but horses fall at hurdles. Recognizing that Labour is in implosion and there is little chance of a non-Tory government, the Guardian and the left-wing media will look for dirt, starting with May’s dictatorial style, for example, comparing her to Erdogan in yesterday’s editorial.


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  1. John Crace of the Guardian does not mean “strong and ignorant leadership” ,the people he’s really having a go at are the people who voted for BREXIT ,including people like me who did so because of the abject failure of the EC/EU experiment to deliver on the specific promises which were made for it in 1975 by Edward Heath,a dead Prime Minister who lied through his teeth and sold everyone down the river.

    In this piece brought to us by Dr Alf ,the people who May now needs to appease are the ones being criticised although it is meant to be May who is being accused of having “dictatorial tendencies”.

    Let’s look at the facts,May was never really pro Brexit and for a year has sat on her hands and allowed Boris Johnson,the almost slumbering Dr Liam Fox and the 3rd stooge David Davis,to essentially do very little. She has consulted with Sturgeon,tolerated 3 court cases brought by Gina Miller whilst mounting lacklustre defences,she has allowed the unelected House of Lords to run amok and her Attorney General is trying his hardest to stop Tony Blair,Jack Straw and Geoff Hoon from being tried for war crimes over the illegal Iraq war and for lying to Parliament.

    The reasons cited are “Official Secrets” and yet Blair opposes May’s every move to effect BREXIT and yesterday threatened to make common cause with Tim Farron and his Tofu eating Liberal Democrats and with Caroline Lucas of the Greens.

    May has had to put up with people like Lord Heseltine an arch Bilderberger who she eventually had to fire and people like Anna Soubry,Heidi Allen a new Conservative MP from my part of the world and others like Philip Hammond who mucked up the Budget and through his gloomy outlook has made BREXIT much harder to effect than it should be.
    The coup de grace has of course been the police who have never forgotten the no nonsense hectoring speech by May where she rightly accused them of incompetence and corruption and told them that they either needed to reform themselves or that she would impose reform on them.

    They waited until their opportunity came and in the form of an election expenses scandal created by Cameron and Osborn in 15 constituencies it did.

    The police knew that with a true working majority of 12 seats and a failure by Cameron to implement proper Boundary Commission reform that the charges and evidence brought to them by Channel 4 New’s Michael Crick and Jon Snow represented the means to bring May down.

    The police investigated with rigour and people who think like Kier Starmer the former head of the CPS and an avowed Remainer are all too keen to prosecute the Conservative MP’s involved but a lot less keen to investigate expenses scandals that the police have overlooked and not bothered to investigate amongst Labour MP’s,particularly when it comes to postal voting in certain areas of the Midlands.

    May has done nothing about striking railway workers at Southern Rail for 2 years,has done nothing to call in lazy and overpaid fat cat bosses and cap their pay ,nothing to deal with tube drivers,postmen,striking junior doctors,nothing to curb the pay of greedy local authority Chief Executives whose constant refrain is about “savage cuts” and nothing to deal with lying,false reporting and greed at the BBC.

    If John Crace thinks that someone who presides over all this and the appeasement of troublesome or dangerous Muslims is “dictatorial”,he and I must be reading different dictionaries.

    May has been slow to act,too ready to consult,too ready to “turn the other cheek”,too ready to put up with gross disloyalty,too ready to appease,to anxious to please and far too tolerant of those keen to do her down.

    When dealing with vipers and people who see anything that isn’t sternness as weakness you have to have ruthlessness,cunning and implacable resolve which was the approach of Margaret Thatcher of whom people said she had a dazzling smile but the eyes of Caligula.

    Mrs May isn’t in the same league but calling her ” dictatorial” as Crace does in the Guardian is gross misrepresentation.

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