Opinion – The Guardian view on the 2017 general election: a poll that Britain does not need | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian – John Gelmini

Mrs May was forced into this unwanted election by a combination of Remoaners like Heidi Allen the MP for South Cambridgeshire who lives 9 miles from my house, the BBC which pretends to be objective, her own civil service mandarins, some of her own ministers like Hammond the Chancellor and the election expenses debacle caused by Cameron and now investigated by the police who are still smarting at May’s speeches about them concerning their inability to reform themselves.

I watched her speech as she made the announcement and the anger in her voice was barely concealed and since she is light skinned you could see colour rising in her cheeks as she grew more and more enraged the longer she spoke.

Dr Alf is right to point out the economic problems May faces as well but the Guardian’s comparison with Erdogan if wrong and fatuous, Erdogan is a ruthless dictator who will soon engulf Europe with more migrants by reneging on the deal he did with Merkel and the secret one he has done with African leaders to help them clear out unemployed Africans which he can then use as a bargaining chip to get more business for Turkish businesses competing in Africa with China and as a lever to pressure EU Ministers into taking more migrants.

May’s miscalculation was to dither for too long when she should have been ruthless starting with the fat cat bosses whose pay she should have capped, then moving to automate the jobs of striking postal workers, tube train drivers and the drivers at Southern Rail. Sequestration of Trades Union assets and mass firings of all those strikers would have sent a message to lazy and unproductive workers that the time for something for nothing was over. The BBC and the House of Lords sit there as monuments to a bygone age, the first needed privatisation, the second abolition and replacement. Then there are local authority Chief Executives,constabularies,fire commands and the civil service itself.
None of these groups is capable of reform with or without Big 4 management consultants so top down reform is needed. May has wasted time and not done any of these things so now events have overtaken her and her enemies have caught her flat footed and off balance. This is no “turning the other cheek moment”,what is called for is some Old Testament style slaying of enemies,troublemakers and creators of needless expense–If the ship is to encounter storms then we need fewer passengers.

As Machiavelli put it in the 1400s a Prince in attempting to bring about a “new order of things” needs to work out the worst that needs to be done and then do it all at once. In our Parliamentary Democracy “all at once” may not be possible but speed is. I fear that May is too much the parson’s daughter for what needs to be done but I’m willing to be proved wrong.

John Gelmini