‘The sword stands ready’: On aircraft carrier deck, Pence reiterates U.S. pledge to defend Japan | The Japan Times

The Japan Times in a prominent story reports that visiting U.S. Vice President Mike Pence has warned Pyongyang on Wednesday not to test the resolve and military capability of the United States.

Source: ‘The sword stands ready’: On aircraft carrier deck, Pence reiterates U.S. pledge to defend Japan | The Japan Times

Critics of the Trump administration’s foreign policy options related to North Korea’s threatening military capability should remember that the US has a deep defensive pact with Japan that goes back to the WWII settlement. We have already seen from an earlier Japan Times editorial that Japan is alarmed at the increasing risk from North Korea.


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  1. At the moment Pence’s “sword” stands ready at some fair distance from the Korean Peninsula although with mobile weather warfare platforms and the new facility in Antarctica the capacity is there to create earthquakes,tsunamis and hurricane force winds more powerful than any hydrogen bomb.
    Kim Jong Un will not give up nuclear weapons and his dream of putting warheads on rockets because he can point to Saddam Hussein,the lynching and murder of Ghaddafi and the abandonment of South Vietnam after fall of Saigon as reasons not to trust America irrespective of who the spokesman is.
    Dictatorial leaders as Dr Alf knows ,need to be shown by demonstrationwhat can be done,they will not be impressed with rhetoric,threats,bluster and bullying talk.
    Hiroshima and Nagasaki had to both be destroyed by a nuclear bomb before the Japanese capitulated in World War 2 so something similar such as an extreme weather event of devastating proportions needs to be made to happen before Pence speaks again.

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