Voice of China: The U.S. should get more buddy-buddy with China – People’s Daily Online

This is a must-read, currently the most read article published by China Daily, the influential, semi-official newspaper. It suggests that there is a strong assumption that aligning too closely with China is dangerous. The argument continues that the basis of this assumption rests on the belief that the two largest economies are destined to be rivals, competing for power and influence. However, it suggests that those who subscribe to this thinking might argue that it is against the national interest to continue “feeding the dragon,” because the two countries will compete for power for decades to come. It maintains that competition outweighs cooperation in the long run, and a buddy-buddy relationship with China is more destructive than beneficial, citing the general argument. But importantly it concludes that this old thinking overlooks the realities of China-U.S. relations.

Source: Voice of China: The U.S. should get more buddy-buddy with China – People’s Daily Online

For the moment, Trump needs China’s intervention with North Korea. Forget Trump’s pre-election rhetoric and watch to see if he seizes the opportunity to make his mark on history.


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