Opinion – Stroke and dementia risk linked to artificial sweeteners, study suggests | Society | The Guardian – John Gelmini

Dr Alf brings us a disturbing and informative article about yet another purported cause of dementia.

He is right to say that more empirical evidence is required but this much we already know about artificially flavoured soft drinks and the machinations of the Alimentarius Commission which is controlled by the big food companies and the chemical and seed companies like Monsanto who make weed killers like Roundup which are used on crops for human consumption and which contain carcinogenic chemicals. Typically they are flavoured with Aspartame a substance which a company Donald Rumsfeld was a director of sold to the Pentagon as a biological warfare agent. They are sold in aluminium cans and aluminium is known, despite intense lobbying to the contrary to interfere with nerve endings in the human brain thus causing, along with antimony from aircraft fuel, paracetamol, excessive alcohol consumption, drinking on an empty stomach and other chemicals within the food chain and the environment, dementia.

I prefer to take my vitamin supplements and anti oxidants, drink out of glass containers, filter my water, avoid fluoride in toothpaste and even have soup in winter from Baxters who only sell it in a steel can rather than take risks.

I live close to a 500 acre wood and always run my car air conditioning system on reticulated air so that I am not pulling in carbon monoxide fumes from the cars in front of me to the same extent as someone operating with the blower on.Similarly I avoid riding in open-topped cars because the polluted air is either poisoning you or slowly giving you dementia.

In the UK the NHS takes rather too long in its search for empirical evidence and is behind the cutting edge thinking of modern healthcare systems as well as being arrogant about Chinese and Ayurvedic cures which have proven their efficacy over 6000 years for all the afflictions under the sun.

Coconut oil is supposed to help disentangle nerve endings in furred up and misfiring brains and at its modest price represents insurance until the empirical evidence eventually emerges.

John Gelmini

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