Turkey has unhappiest students in new 72-country OECD survey – Hurriyet Daily News

This is a recommended read from Hurriyet, Turkey’s leading news agency. It reports that Turkey has the unhappiest students surveyed in a new Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) report covering 72 countries.

Source: Turkey has unhappiest students in new 72-country OECD survey – LOCAL

It’s worth pondering a few of the implications.

Turkey’s President Erdogan owes some of his power to the relative prosperity of Turkey’s younger population. But with Erdogan’s consolidation of central power, multi-national investors are increasing factoring Turkey’s political risk into investment decisions. Also terrorism is an increasing problem in Turkey.

Although liberals have been challenging Erdogan’s record for years, he seems to have struck a working relationship with America’s new populist president, Donald Trump. Trump was very quick off the mark to congratulate Erdogan on his election win. Erdogan and Trump will be meeting shortly and no doubt both sides are carefully scripting their agendas and expectations. Since Henry Kissinger’s time in office, Turkey has been a strategic ally because of its geographic location and because of its contribution to NATO in terms of armed forces. So what will Erdogan want from Trump?


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