Donald Trump behaviour ‘showing a lot of signs’ of dangerous mental illness, says leading Yale psychiatrist – The Independent

According to the UK liberal Independent newspaper, Donald Trump is “showing a lot of signs” of dangerous mental impairment and may be a threat to the survival of American society, citing a leading Yale psychiatrist. In an exclusive interview with The IndependentYale University’s Dr Bandy Lee said she had seen a “marked surge” in violence among her own patients since the day of Mr Trump’s election, blaming his strong rhetoric.

I bet Dr Bandy Lee voted for Clinton too. This sort of news degrades professional integrity and newspapers are shameful to chaise circulation with these cheap tactics.


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  1. Donald Trump has an enormous ego and tendencies towards wanting to build a dynasty , has made large sums of money,used the bankruptcy laws 4 times ,avoided millions of pounds worth of Corporation taxes,become a reality television star,fathered a number of children ,several of whom are quite gifted and been to the Wharton School of Business.
    In America that sort of thing is not frowned upon and we have milder examples of that sort of thing here and in Europe.
    Being bombastic,calling yourself extremely smart,making promises you cannot easily keep and swaggering are not hallmarks of mental illness because on that basis you would have to put most politicians into a mental institution.
    Even having 4 wives (very hard on the bank balance),and not advisable is not what Dr Alf who brings us this story, would call “empirical evidence” of mental illness, although with someone like Jacob Zuma of South Africa who has 120 wives then this label might stick.
    This is another non story with no basis in fact representing another forlorn attempt to reverse a decision made by the American people in an exhausting General Election lasting 2 years and costing the winning candidate $2 billion GBP and a great deal of scrutiny

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