Opinion – How Trump Gave Up On His Border Wall – The New Yorker – John Gelmini

Donald Trump is scary as is “Mad Dog” Mattis and some of the other hawks from the Pentagon who want to use the standoff with North Korea as an excuse to press Russia and China harder in a process of encirclement.

Dr Alf is right to worry but I suggest that the reality is that Presidents are merely figureheads with the real power lying in the Council for Foreign Relations in New York and in the Washington Beltway where the arms manufacturers are headquartered.

Geography always meant that the wall was not a practical proposition as some parts of the border are raging torrents of water and others are massive, inhospitable ravines.

Lack of geographical knowledge makes Trump unprepared and unfit to be a Hadrian who understood wall building, military matters and the geopolitics of his day and was very ruthless.

Trump is not so much a man whose word means nothing but more someone who doesn’t think things through and someone who wants to do whatever comes into his head at the time with or without evidence of any kind. Luckily he is surrounded by wiser heads but I do find him being advised by his daughter and son in law very worrying as neither of them should be making foreign policy as if Donald Trump was a king.

John Gelmini

Drivers of Declining Labor Share of Income – IMF Blog

IMF Headquarters, Washington, DC.

IMF Headquarters, Washington, DC. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an excellent read published in the IMF Blog. It highlights that after being largely stable in many countries for decades, the share of national income paid as labour costs is declining.

Source: Drivers of Declining Labor Share of Income – IMF Blog

Since the 2008 financial crisis, working class and middle class families in many Western countries have struggled, often with incomes declining in real terms and public services under threat from austerity.

In political terms, both the far-left and the far-right have intervened with populist policies. But the issue is about changing economic fundamentals. Labour is less important to national output with increased dependence on technology.

In this excellent blog, the IMF marshals the evidence with clear argument and illustration.

For me, politicians are not being honest with voters about future jobs losses. It’s interesting to reflect on the French presidential race and whether Macron’s candid views on future job opportunities is politically advantageous.