Turkey and US Relations Sour After Kurdish Militia Attacked | Time.com

This article from Time is on the button. It argues that the U.S. considers the Kurds as allies. On the other hand, it point out that Turkey says the Kurds are linked to terrorists. The conclusion is that a confrontation is brewing.

Source: Turkey and US Relations Sour After Kurdish Militia Attacked | Time.com

Both Trump and Erdogan are volatile and unpredictable. Trump ignored Turkey’s human right record and was very fast off the mark to congratulate Erdogan on gaining increased power in Turkey’s recent referendum. This was after Erdogan’s extreme praise for Trump’s after America’s military escalation in Syria.

Unless Trump changes direction, the Kurds remain critical to US plans to overthrow ISIS, so Trump will need to do some serious negotiating with Erdogan. Based on Trump’s successful meeting with the Chinese leader, his team will look for a winning compromise with Erdogan.



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