Donald Trump, Jr.: My Father’s First 100 Days | Fox News

This is a recommended read.Fox News cites Trump Jr on his dad’s first 100 days. Junior argued that ‘one hundred days ago, when my father stood in front of the American people and took the oath of office, an American resurgence began’.

Source: Donald Trump, Jr.: My Father’s First 100 Days | Fox News

Trump Jr reported a large list of achievements and concluded that the mainstream media are hostile to his father.

Let’s be clear, Trump Jr is not citing fiction, so why is mainstream media so far apart?

One response

  1. One wouldn’t expect Donald Trump’s son to say anything other than what he has since his wealth and good fortune is down to his bombastic and very wealthy father.
    That said the entire mainstream media are against the “Donald” and are searching for reasons to oust him.
    Dr Alf will know from his travels new fondness for the latest version of Google Earthwhich he and Mrs Oldman use when hiking in different parts of the world, that parts of the American/Mexican border are raging torrents and others are inhospitable ravines where the summer temperatures reach 50 degrees centigrade.
    Building a wall in those conditions would not be practical.
    The same applies to electioneering when you promise to “bring jobs back”,”stop China eating our lunch and building new cities with our money” and then find that you need Xi Jin Ping to lean on an upstart North Korea.
    Donald Trump has done a lot in 100 days but there were always going to be things he could never have done and will never do because the system will simply not allow him to do so.
    The media never liked him because it is controlled by his opponents so they will always behave like an ill trained dog barking and trying to frighten people into looking only at the things he has not done rather than looking at the bigger picture.

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