Half of federal arrests are immigration-related | Pew Research Center

English: The logo of U.S. Citizenship and Immi...

English: The logo of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (English) Español: El logotipo del Servicio de Ciudadanía e Inmigración de los Estados Unidos (Inglés) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrest

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Citing latest evidence, Pew Research reports that federal law enforcement agencies are making more arrests for immigration-related offenses than they were a decade ago. But look at the graphics, the share of immigration-related arrests dwarfs other categories.

Source: Half of federal arrests are immigration-related | Pew Research Center

Of course, the focus is not on Spanish speaking maids and gardeners but potential terrorists. It’s interesting to look at the strong correlation between increased immigration-related arrests and the Obama years.

Way down the second category is drug related crime.

It’s worth reflecting on the statistics. The context is that the US has more people behind bars than any other country. But more worryingly, is the overwhelming focus on immigration transferable to other democracies, especially in Europe? Since Angela Merkel opened the flood door for refugees, there has been a strong reaction to immigration in the elections of the UK, France and Germany.


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  1. This phenomenon outlined by Dr Alf is hardly surprising.

    There is trouble in Africa, whereby we could see a race war in South Africa. We have trouble in the Middle East,in South Asia and wide disparities of income in the 3rd world. People from these places want a better life, so they try to emigrate.

    In America and Europe immigration laws have been abused and have not been properly enforced for decades and nowadays new identities,fake passports and related documentation are rather too easy to buy.

    The UK system encourages all sorts of miscreants to come here rather than apply properly ,secure employment and go about their business as my late parents and others did without fuss.

    President Obama /Barry Soetero was always an enigma as his various US Social Security numbers showed(he spent $20,000 USD a day on court actions to keep this and other aspects of his background confidential),rather than have them disclosed.

    Under his Presidency all kinds of people were allowed into America whilst others taking advantage of the porosity of the Canadian and Mexican borders simply came there with bogus documentation.

    Only now, under the mercurial Donald Trump, is anything being done, hence the spike in arrests for immigration offences with the quest for jihadis being the primary focus.

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