Opinion – Theresa May lays bare ambition to capture Labour heartlands | Politics | The Guardian – John Gelmini

Conservative Party (UK)

Conservative Party (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf and Mrs Oldman are right, Mrs May is boring and repetitive but a lot of voters are not looking for showmanship, dazzling charisma, or excitement but want to be reassured by “Captain Mainwaring” style bank managers, provincial solicitors reading out wills written on parchment paper and tied up with pink silk ribbon. They want certainty, reliability and unflappable competence and their sermons delivered straight by clergymen who have wives as opposed to “orientations” and who stick to their particular “God bothering ” scripts.

May appears to be the embodiment of all of that, dull, boring, unflappable, not overly stylish, very much the “parson’s daughter” which she is.

The UK version of Macron probably exists in the youth wing of the Conservative Party or even in the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party but I sense that the UK public are not yet ready for such a person and that they will reject Farron, Caroline Lucas and the grizzled Dave Spart, Jeremy Corbyn. At present May’s boring delivery resonates with a lot of ordinary people because their lives are boring; they are boring and they see in her what someone boring but brighter than them can achieve.
This will not create a Conservative landslide but it should create a working majority.

What it will not do is make Mrs May’s plans robust enough or make her three stooges(Davis,Johnson and Fox), sharp enough to prepare the economy for the rough ride ahead, with or without the EU splitting into two.

John Gelmini

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