Tory manifesto: What are the economic implications? And does the reality match the rhetoric? | The Independent

This is an insightful read from the Independent. It reports that Theresa May’s Conservative manifesto for the general election has been hailed as a watershed moment in the history of the party and indeed for the broader UK political landscape. It adds that “Post-Thatcherism” and “third way Conservatism” are just two of the descriptions of the 84-page document, entitled Forward Together.

Tory manifesto: What are the economic implications? And does the reality match the rhetoric? | The Independent

The Independent provided informed commentary and concludes that there are enormous risks with the Conservatives’ approach to Brexit. I would have been harder on the absence of detailed policies, costings and risk analysis. In a related blog, I cite the excellent costings paper provided by the Liberals but am deeply suspicious of the absence of a fully costed manifesto from both the Conservatives and Labour.

I fear that May’s looking for as large a majority as possible at any cost and is appealing to former UKIP and Labour voters. BUT once in power, I sense May will revert to the right of the Conservative Party. She doesn’t want to risk polarizing Conservative MPs in parliament. I expect powerful lobbying and vested interests will prevail on May, assuming she’s reelected. Sadly, the manifestos will gather dust and the UK people will have to wait for their Macron moment. But by the time the UK people rise to their centrist Macron, I expect that Theresa May will have done permanent damage to the UK economy in her Brexit negotiations.




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