Theresa May accused of dishonesty over ‘dementia tax’ U-turn amid campaign disarray | The Independent

The Independent reports that a rattled Theresa May is facing damaging accusations of dishonesty after her humiliating U-turn on “dementia tax” left the Conservative election campaign in disarray.

Theresa May accused of dishonesty over ‘dementia tax’ U-turn amid campaign disarray | The Independent

The team that have been responsible for the fiasco over the ‘dementia tax’ are also going to negotiate ‘Brexit‘. Theresa May’s campaign has been simplistic, repeatedly echoing the same bland language and asking for the public to trust her judgement with Brexit. Now May is looking dishonest.

May still looks set to win but I wouldn’t bet on the size of her majority.

From the moment that May called the election, it was obvious that she risked a major wobble.

When May’s reelected, we can expect a few wobbles in the financial markets because she’ll constantly be firefighting.

The best hope is a major cabinet reshuffle after the election, promoting those with sound political and negotiating skills. May’s presidential style of leadership is weakening the UK.


2 responses

  1. Dr Alf is right and Nick Timothy who inserted this “dementia tax” proposal into the Manifesto needs to be 1st for the chop.

    People who fritter away all their money, people in Scotland and people in Wales all get free Adult Social Care but everyone else in England who owns a house (average house prices are £317,000 GBP) will pay the cost of their care.

    It is obvious that this is unsustainable but why is foreign aid, the Barnett Formula, the House of Lords, the number of MPs, the waste in local authorities (overmanning and numbers), not up for discussion?

    Aggressive re-enablement would cut Adult Social Care recipient numbers by 33%, a fat-tax/variable taxes on foods would bring that to 50% and a programme of Adult Social Care being outsourced to India for those who cannot pay, whose relatives cannot or will not look after them, would deal with the rest at much lower cost.

    Nick Timothy, and his co stooge Fiona Hill, have much to answer for but the buck stops with Mrs May who appointed them.

    May will win but with a smaller majority than predicted and will not go “the distance” with the EU negotiations because her ponderous negotiating tactics are too slow, too easy to predict and easily blocked. Indeed she may not go the distance at all, and will be replaced by someone of sterner stuff who is hopefully not an Etonian “posh boy” but someone who can street fight with the intellectual capacity for long range thinking as well as pragmatism.

  2. Totally agree. I had hopes that Theresa May be uniting the country with a centrist approach and a pragmatism of Merkel style, so despite opposing many of the Tory policies I was looking at her with optimism.
    I’ve since come to regard her as incompetent, wobbly and opportunistic without political or moral backbone. Her attack at the weak is disgraceful and I hope the electorate does not reward her with a majority

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